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Spencer McGarry Season - Episode 2


New member
Following a gestation period of a mere thirteen months, we're delighted to announce that work has been completed on Spencer McGarry Season's magnum opus Episode 2. To celebrate this achievement, in advance of its Spring release date the band will perform the full 70-minute album in the Chapter Arts Centre theatre on Friday 19th March from 7.30pm.

Influences this time include Rogers and Hammerstein, Gershwin and Irving Berlin; Brian Wilson, Sufjan Stevens and The Beatles; and even Steve Reich and Philip Glass. With huge faux-operatic moments, jazz passages, knowing avant campness and out-and-out noise, culminating in a 20-minute medley, this is a challenging yet warm and accessible record and a massive step forward.

Tickets for this intimate, all-seated show with an 11-piece mini orchestra of horns, woodwind, strings, percussion and additional singers, are on sale now at just £5.00 from the Chapter box office - either in person, or by scrolling down the list of events at http://www.chapter.org/18810.html.

Early booking is advised. Formal dress suggested.