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New Studio Down by the seaside o(or 2 mins from Jnct 37 m4)

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
Right this has been confirmed now so I guess I can start promoting this.

Basically myself and a business partner have bought the 3 horseshoes pub which is located in South Cornelly (just of jct 37 M4, 5 minute drive north of porthcawl) and plans are under way to convert it from a pub into a recording studio (should be going under the name Op:eC Studios) and also house a photography dark room in the old cellar.

At the moment we're in the middle of gutting it and sorting out floor plans for the entire building but we're looking at opening around May of this year.

What I know at this minute is that bands will be able to load directly into the live room, that all the rooms will have direct sunlight and windows will rooms be sound proofed accordingly, there will be a lounge/kitchen area for the bands as well and we're also looking at possibly of accommodation for bands to crash there whilst recording. I'm going to be living there as well so I should be around bridgend a bit more.

If anyone wants to see the proposed floor plan for the studio have a look at the drawings here.
Dropbox - Photos - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

I'll update this thread with a photos as work progresses


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Jon Con

I smell like a winner
6th december - was down to show one of my friends sion round (just joined amber nights as a drummer) and here's a link to some of the photos taken today which show the work thats gone on so far- Dropbox - Photos - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

there are a shitload on there which include the car park space we have, the main pub room (which is to be turned into the live room) and also the lounge area (with a kitchen). The cellar section will be converted into the photography dark room. We've also been offered the space at the back of the pub which used to be the old railway sidings and thinking about converting that area to make a bigger car park for the studio part of the building.

As far as I'm aware the adventure playground section will be removed before opening.

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
10th december - Partitions have gone up for the live room and the control room now

1st pic is view from the live room, the second is a view from the control room. Still loads of work to do but its coming together.

more photos from the link in my signature

Jon Con

I smell like a winner
went down today to get some photos and meet up with the electrician about where phone sockets, fire alarms and everything needed to go.

The studio has a building inspection tomorrow with the council and also found out we've been in the Glamorgan Gazette recently, no idea when but a few guys have been going up and asking the builders about the studio since it appeared.

right so photos, we've put the plasterboards up for the live room and you can see the insulation thats been put in behind all the walls and ceiling

also have the air conditioning units put in place this week in the live room and the control room

and here's a view of the control room from the studio door

the plasterboard for the studio should be finished this week and I've just done an order for all the wiring for multicore cable, mic leads and boxes for control room, live room and vocal booth.

all the photos from today are up on the myspace link I put on the link on the previous post.

Also theres a facebook page for the studio now available ay