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WeR4Real Collective proudly presents

met·a·noi·a [met-uh-noi-uh]
a profound, usually spiritual, transformation; conversion.
1870–75; < Greek metánoia change of mind, repentance;
see meta-, -noia

The official inaugural 'happening' and Metanoia fanzine launch with...

Bands ⣿ DJ's ⣿ Poetry ⣿ Comedy ⣿ Art Displays ⣿ Workshops

Tickets £3


Headline act - Headjam
Poets -Ceejay Foster, Mab Jones, Will Ford, Fritz o 'Skennick, Adam Johannes, Paul Stokes, Johnny Giles
Live electronica - Little Eris , Zaru
Acoustic - James Parr ,Efa Supertramp
Live Bands - Headshot , The Heavy Flames , Replaced by Robots , Radio Rhydd
Visual Artists -Elen Mai Wyn Jones, Lembo, Sophie Barras, Beth Greenalgh, Jacqueline Janine Jones, Serena Raven Nightly, James Dawson, Astral, Bizarre Dragonz
plus a Netty Lillth dance session &
Compered by Cosmo