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for the good of the south wales music scene this site needs to be used......


i'm gonna kill u so i am!
.....and to those who say there isn't a scene out there,there is cos we've been playing it for the last few months with some fucking awesome bands,the venues we use to play years ago had died off and the money is in tribute bands but there are some places that'll take a chance on local bands aplying they're own music.facebook pretty much killed this site as it did with any other social media but aint there a way to link this to facebook as there is with anything else....a dragonninja facebook page perhaps?

Scared Of Girls

People need to start posting this on Facebook and letting all the old members know that it's coming back. A DN gig is on the cards.


Chaos Trigger
Loving the fact people are bringing this back. For those of you who think the scene is dead, you are the reason it is dead.


Hi again guys. Nice to see you haunting the corridors! A DN FB page is in the making. Should finish it up this weekend hopefully.