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Dragonninja Compilation


Jets To Zurich
The other day while doing the pre Xmas clear out I came across the DN Compilation disc. Anybody else still got a copy? And anybody got a full track listing for it because I can't remember who some of the bands were.

Which leads me to my next question is it time for Volume Two?


i'm gonna kill u so i am!
I got it somewhere but because it's got the worst song we ever wrote on it I'll never ever put it on

LukeD Dodgem

The Doctor Is In
I got the tracklisting somewhere - will dig out later

As for a new compilation, lets just do one, and make it completely free. We'll upload it on all those sendspace type sites on Christmas Day or something, and itll be there for anyone who wants it, i'll try to get it on Spotify as well so that it lives on in cyberspace for ever and ever


i still hate hippies
If I remember right (there were 2 versions) if you put the CD into a PC it brings up a "multimedia" section with tracklisting.

As far as I can remember the tracklisting was alphabetical, possibly starting with Along Came Man.

LukeD Dodgem

The Doctor Is In
OK, found my CD, tracklisting is....

01) Along Came Man » Hobo
02) Cadence » It Was Almost True
03) Carsondown » Punk Rock High School
04) Dodgem » Feeling Low
05) Dog Food » Luv Sux!
06) Dopamine » Sick Lie Future
07) Festerin Nun » Mad Dog Grin
08) Jailbait » Sad Moment
09) Kate Adkinson » Regardless
10) KissThis » Veiled In Lace
11) Midasuno » Hypocrite
12) Nanostroke » Test
13) Okra » Somerset Smile
14) Opium » Tears For Tia
15) Pedro » Grow Up
16) Pete's Sake » Funny Feeling
17) Pothole » Three Blind Dice
18) Roostar » Color It Red
19) Serotonin » Apologise
20) Spank Daddy » You Don't Know Me
21) The DragOuts » Outcast
22) Wishing Hour » Gloria


do we get2win this time?
In an unrelated question-there was a cd compilation I had with wrs dance the night away (possibly pre Sean) and there was a video on the cd of a band that I vaguely remember involving power rangers aand pool table?anyone remember this!


i still hate hippies
That might have been the Poisoned Whiskey Records/Cunning Stunt promotions anti war CD thing.