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Dave williams death verdict


The new messiah
DROWNING POOL frontman DAVE WILLIAMS' death was due to natural causes and was not drug or alcohol related, it has emerged.

Williams was discovered in his bunk on the band's tourbus on August 14 as Drowning Pool enjoyed a rest-day during the Ozzfest tour.

Speculation had been rife that his death was the result of a drug overdose, something the band had always disputed.

"The news is in. The toxicology report came back negative," the band's tour manager revealed in a posting on Drowning Pool website. "'Nothing found' and this is the truth my friends." The report confirmed that the singer died of a heart problem.

Previously, the tour manager had adamantly denied reports that Williams had choked on his own vomit, Billboard reports, emphasising that there was no way to immediately tell the cause of Williams' death, as he "looked like he was sleeping" when he was discovered.


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