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Check this out!


i fukin love you gumbo!!
ah, didnt get mine!!!!
hehehe, i was BA, but they didnt get it!!!

hahaha, i rewl!!

i beat the system!!



New member
haha and it got my other 2 attempts 2 beat the system!! ooooo impressive :eyebrow:
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The new messiah
It's says sitcom
a situation comedy

you keep catching it out cause your picking from any tv programme
Neighbours isn't a sitcom


The new messiah
I know, i know
tell me about it
some people can be stupid nowadays
Honestly it's like living in nazi germany


and anyway, that's a load of shit, cos one of the questions i had was "was it Dr Green from ER?", and excuse me if i'm wrong, but last time i checked ER weren't a fukin SITUATION COMEDY! If it is, then someones doing somthing teribly wrong!