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Thread: Nickleback get stoned

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    Nickleback get stoned

    Nickelback Get Pelted By Rocks In Portugal
    Nickelback are in the usually enviable position of being a Canadian band that's loved throughout the world - all the world except Portugal, it seems.

    The band were playing the Ilha do Ermal festival in Portugal on Monday (August 19) when they were forced to walk off the stage in the middle of their second song. According to a Portuguese television report, the Portuguese public were looking forward to the concert and are generally well behaved - in fact, no band in recent memory has had to cut a show in Portugal short. But the Portuguese just weren't digging the 'Back.

    While in mid-song, singer Chad Kroeger was suddenly sprayed with a full bottle of water, hurled from somewhere within the audience. Kroeger immediately tore off his guitar and confronted the crowd.

    "Are there any Nickelback fans in Portugal?" he asked into the mic.

    "Are you sure?" he asked, after the crowd let off little more than a grumble. "It's up to you, do you want to hear some rock 'n' roll or do you want to go home?"

    Obviously, they wanted to go home. Just as Chad turned around, he was pelted in the back of the head with what looked like a large rock.

    "See ya," he replied with a wave.

    With that, the entire band followed him off the stage. Both Kroeger and drummer Ryan Vikedal (who's sporting a Rick The Temp faux mohawk these days) gave the audience the finger as they strode off.

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    yes! portugal rules
    Screw that, forget about that, I dont wanna think about anything like that.

    I wanna know why an Orange is an Orange and a Lime aint a Green

    I wanna know why I dont see any white dog shit anymore

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    oh, that's pretty bad like, fukin sad if you ask me, could have got hurt like!

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