22nd october freaky fortnight

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22nd october freaky fortnight

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by Gigsta
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  1. #1 geraldb
    omfg some one loves themselves but when you look like a pigs ass you have to no one else is gonna
  2. #2 Gigsta
    i dun love myself in fact I think you will find most songwriters and singers end up in bands because they hate themselves and can't express themselves enough in a conventional way which is why we resort to starting a band.

    i put pics up on here to document the fact that we played these gigs - i don't know wot your problem is but you are freakin me out coz you must be kinda twisted to track down my pics and publicly abuse me you horrible creep!!! and the worse thing is I don't know who you are - if you want to see your 21st birthday I would keep it that way
  3. #3 rock_hard55
    I think you look great i do sis! Come to the brutality will prevail show in escape on the 16th of dec! We're running a bus down there!
  4. #4 rock_hard55
    No we're not cos the bus costs fucking 220!
  5. #5 fishy
    Hot as fuck!

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