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  1. Best fucking summer EVER

    May 17th -20th: ATP vs The Fans; Butlins, Minehead.
    May 25th: Grant's Birthday, Bristol
    May 26th: Australia v Wales; Walkabout, Birstol
    May 27th: Dot to Dot Festival; Nottingham
    June 7th: Daneil Kitson; Glee Club, Cardiff
    June 15th: Ricky Gervias; Bristol
    June 16th: Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Klaxons, CSS; Hyde Park, London
    June 20th: Arctic Monkeys, CIA, Cardiff
    June 29th: Chris' Birthday; Nottingham
    July 21st: Bright Eyes; Eden Project, ...
  2. when the cats are away....

    well its been a week since my rents pissed off to oz for a month!

    nothin much happening. really looking forward to luke d\'s birthday on friday, got my overdraft extension and im not afraid to use it

    see anyone at the coal exchange for douglas. should be good
  3. well

    thought i best get myself one of these journal thingies before i truley become the uncoolest person on earth.

    today has been an up n downer. went to play cricket. then got told i was dropped! then they lost. hahhaahahahah. wankers

    dun really know what to write - everyone knows girls are the spawn of satan. think monks got the right idea. and they get to wear their dressing gowns all day......

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