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  1. Same old stuff

    Well , im bored. Noone will probably ever read this anyways. Its deader than a nans fanny around here. Nevermind, been living with the parents for 7 months now, food is good but I need to get out of this town before I turn into a pikey. On the plus side, I only have a few months left in uni, then im finally qaulified! Earning some bucks then! CERRRCHINNG!
  2. Thursday 10 April comes around quick ....

    Ok so there is no importance to this date for me, but I thought it would make my blog look more edgy that it is. Still living in good ol' Ponty. Only got 2 months left though, then its back to Tredegar with the parents for a year (well maybe). Im hoping I can gather some money and move back out as soon as possible!!
    Not much going on at the momment with me, On work experience, which I'm really enjoying. Drinking stupid amounts of alcohol and doing stupid things as usual. I've learnt to accept ...

    I so dont wana go to work today
    I wana just lie in bed all day, Its one of those days .
    I had some mad dreams last night, that I will never repeat!
    Great summer this year, Magaluf was an experience, Wont go again but I really enjoyed myself ( maybe a little too much :S).
    Reading was amazing. I knew it would be , it was awesum, but im gutted its all over .
    But then, moving back to Ponty a week today ! Which is exciting !!
    Althought it means more essays ...
  4. helloooo

    So I havent posted in a long time, but seeing as people like Orgseey can even post something, I think its about time I did !!

    Im currently living in queen street treforest , Only got a week left then I move out ! My first ( technically second) Year is over!
    Im gutted ! But im moving down by the pink shop in september its going to be brilliant .

    Im going to Magaluf in a few weeks too, which isnt really my scene but im sure ill have an awesum time! Im ...
  5. Fucking hell!!!

    Its back again. My head is fucked today but im good. I live in ponty now, single and loving it!!! Plus my course is wicked !!!
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