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  1. Show time

    Bought show time today and its a really good albu, well worth nine quid like. Bonus DVD with it is pretty cool. Music vid\'s to a five different songs. Go buy it gang
  2. Feeling like this

    Were in the way, groups of people
    Would you move for me
    So take a look, this area i mean
    everything is gray
    The place we live, this museum ghetto
    pictures print the same
    Rain on top of rain and the land of my fathers
    and they can keep their claim
  3. Mother Russia

    I wont ask you to trust me, thas a cry of guilty concious and what a terrible thing a guilty concious is, bleach soaked and steam cleaned but blemished to the core. \"words be nimble words be quick, words resmeble walking sticks\"
  4. swan song

    Windows are closing, killing light away
    no chance is given to find myself today
    my time of aging wonder when I die
    but when my time does come, i\'ll know the reason why
  5. wait for the signs

    Were reborn with bloodshot eyes
    between the lines
    it plays on my mind,
    to go all out, to swim the sea
    and no one cares
    it plays on my mind

    Youve crushed my dreams there nothing left and who would care?
    It plays on my mind
    to go all out, to scrape to bone this pain is mine
    It plays on my mind

    From these ashes on the floor
    we will rise again

    weve run out of time
    to open the door
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