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I\'m new to the journals and dragonninja, but nonetheless this looked fun so I thought i\'d post Im extensively happy right now but undeniably tired \'cos i don\'t sleep much but my mate Pooh Bear gotta free house andi\'ve been using it as accomodation, ha! Yeah rite now, i feel the best that i have in 8 months-and i have my reasons i feel good and i\'m not hurting myself or anyone else which is great....thankyou all X


  1. 's Avatar
    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Reggatta De Blanc!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Come on dude, nothing in life is that bad as to resort to listening to Reggatta De \'Fuckin\' Blanc!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!
  2. swampgirl's Avatar
    Bless, glad ur happy dozz. And Fooky, whats fuckin wrong with Reggatta De Blanc?! lol.

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