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Thursday 10 April comes around quick ....

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Ok so there is no importance to this date for me, but I thought it would make my blog look more edgy that it is. Still living in good ol' Ponty. Only got 2 months left though, then its back to Tredegar with the parents for a year (well maybe). Im hoping I can gather some money and move back out as soon as possible!!
Not much going on at the momment with me, On work experience, which I'm really enjoying. Drinking stupid amounts of alcohol and doing stupid things as usual. I've learnt to accept the fact my life is full of sin and drunkeness. Im not going to change and I am not going to dwell on it !! Life is meant to be fun and it is at the momment!!
Im currently sat in out very untidy living room, listening to Silverchair and sewing things haha
I should be Writing essays or something but fuck it !


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