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I so dont wana go to work today
I wana just lie in bed all day, Its one of those days .
I had some mad dreams last night, that I will never repeat!
Great summer this year, Magaluf was an experience, Wont go again but I really enjoyed myself ( maybe a little too much :S).
Reading was amazing. I knew it would be , it was awesum, but im gutted its all over .
But then, moving back to Ponty a week today ! Which is exciting !!
Althought it means more essays and exams!! But I am going to Amsterdam In November (hopefully!) x


  1. ORGANISM's Avatar
    I know what you mean about work! I get Fridays and Saturdays off though, so today I'm laughing!

    I only just got out of bed, but I'm a bit gutted now I've seen how nice the weather is!

    I also had some strange dreams last night, pretty intense - although within 30 seconds of waking I forgot what they were. My head still hurts though...

    How come you won't go to Shagaluf again? Did you go with a girl called Gemma?

    Ponty's the best!

    Actually no, Amsterdam is the best. I wanna come!
  2. TwistedNerve's Avatar
    Orgseey i am gemma u nutcase !!!
  3. ORGANISM's Avatar
    I know you goon! HAHA! I meant another girl called Gemma!
  4. TwistedNerve's Avatar
    haha no i didnt, I thought u had lost your mind for a second!
  5. ORGANISM's Avatar
    I lost it for much longer than a second.
  6. TwistedNerve's Avatar

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