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Back to the old ways....

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I thought i was over this but here i am at 3am (spare me from the cliche) Theres a strange programme on tv, the intro is slightly unnerving but i belive its one of those idiotic "Ghost" programmes. Theres an advert about parents and the internet on now.... i fucking hate that advert, it basically tells my mother to nose even more and to ask who im talking to even though i know she wont know them and then she asks like she fucking knows who they are!!!!

May try and find some sort of sleeping tablets soon coz i am soooooooooooooooo bored as you can see from the rant up there. I need to sleep if i want any energy at all for tomorrow, i wanna go out and see my friends and my boyfriend. Im away for a week from saturday so i want to c everyone as much as poss this week but i doubt that will happen. Oh well night night dn


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