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  1. ORGANISM's Avatar
    Me either! Welcome back.
  2. Tanja's Avatar
    thank you



  3. milligram_smile's Avatar
    6th september

    ************************************************** **************************
  4. Tanja's Avatar
    ah right. well im just looking around for things at the moment.

    sounds like fun
  5. TwistedNerve's Avatar
    hi thas what im doing after i finish my alevels nxt yr i think im going to ponty to do it it looks like a pretty good place and i cant wait to do the course an do fashion
  6. Tanja's Avatar
    yeah i know...
    but just keep on looking.
    its not there cuz its not been released yet. but you can always hope
  7. Little_Princess's Avatar
    green day isnt on kazza i was looking 4 ages
    boo hoo i like tha song
  8. LisforLarna's Avatar
    ooooooh i like em.. do me 1....
  9. Tanja's Avatar
    im not fussed on either of them, just enjoy letting my artistic side
  10. raab's Avatar
    pretty cool first one is bestest but i dun like the bird init
  11. LisforLarna's Avatar
    dn was being gay wudnt work at all .. blame orgseey
  12. Tanja's Avatar
    its downloaded now, woop woop!!!
    think im gonna download some halo friendlies!
  13. Tanja's Avatar
    trust you baby....

    thumbs up

  14. 's Avatar
  15. Tanja's Avatar
    everyones entitled to their own opinions, so keep expressing!

  16. fishy's Avatar
    She sux major ass!!!!!!!!!
  17. Bexibub's Avatar
    yeah def..i like loads different types of stuff................50 ch rule...
  18. Tanja's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bexibub
    Yesss i knowww it IS pop..i still like it

    i dont think that people should judge you for what you listen to, its not as if you go around saying\"you must like this or you\'ll die\"

  19. Tanja's Avatar
    Maiden are gods to me
  20. Hovi's Avatar
    Yes respect where its dun come much better than Maiden.....
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