well, not so much goodies, but some things i need to get rid of for some quick cash

Firstly, framed and signed Dead Kennedys gig poster from their first TJs gig June 24th, can't remember which year, my first band supported and i had two of the gig posters signed by all the members (which at the time were East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride, DH Peligro and Brandon Cruz (also of Dr Know))

Secondly, I've got one of Marky Ramones drumsticks signed by the man himself when the misfits played at the coal exchange two or three years ago, again, my old band was meant to support but i was involved in an accident so we hda to pull out but the drummer got him to sign a pair of sticks for me. I'm keeping the one, but the other one can go, again, i don't need two

Any offers?