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Thread: LMT Ramblings

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    sapenin folks

    haha every time i come on here and update it we have ditched a song or 2,so yea we not doing anything with the domino affect or bleeding colors anymore,

    we finished our EP not long ago, 5 tracks £4, we got what we payed for and we are happy.
    We have a song callecd 'Distance' up on myspace from the EP, so go check it

    We have more ideas and songs in the making which are turning out awesome so far.

    byebye x

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    Me, matt and dai have been working hard in guitar band recently writing new songs, we have wrote one for james aswel, its coming on fantastic, but it needs a lot of work...Its about his life and how he is going to start all over when he moves to Australia...Its called 'As Stories Go'

    We also have another one done called '5 Days In June'
    Another called 'Through Closed Eyes' which os kinda heavy and we are playing live.
    And me and matt are going to be doing a song called 'Eight Variations of a Forced And Faked Smile' which is just piano and singing.

    thanks for reading.

    we have over 20 gigs comingupoverthe next 2/3 months so go check them out on

    Our closest ones are tomorrow in the Tollhouse in Bridgend with The Alternative Ending and more...and saturday over in the pop factory for battle royale battle of the bands.


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    hello there.

    yeah so we have one last gig now, till about october probably.

    and that james' leaving gig on the 16th of this month.

    me, matt rob and dai have been working hard the past few months on writing new material, which we think is the best we've done so far, so over the next few months, we will just be getting tight with dai, and putting all this material into action.

    5 Days In June
    As Stories Go (part 1)
    As Stories Go (part 2)
    NAKO - Not Another Knock-out
    Fiction...with the working title of 'hot coffee'
    End The Horizon
    The Best Laid Plans.

    these songs are made out of late nights, hot coffee and sweaty armpits.

    so on the 16th August will be your last chance to see the old LMT and the songs we play now.

    hope to see you all there.

    take care,

    PS thank you guitar pro!

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    long time.

    we finished recording 5 days

    and its up on myspace if u wanna check it

    let us kno wat ya think

    we have brought in a new member to the band also, another guitarist, so matt can use the synth more...everything is goin cool

    recording after xmas.

    ok bye

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    yo bluds

    waw, i just spent the last hour or so reading back on all this shit i been writing on here...i aint been on this site in over a year so thought id give a post!

    Since last time we are living down Cardiff, and the members consist of:

    Me, Matt, Rob, Jonny

    To be Frank or Even Jeff...we haven't been as commited to band over the past year or so, reasons are unknown haa. I look back over the years of band, and all the fun fucking times we had in James' garage, gigs in Neath - and all the amazing friends we made there, was the best times ever, fucking amazing!
    But recently i suppose im just used to the fact that we haven't had a gig in 7 months, and the longer it goes the less it bothers me or us should i say.

    Anyway........on the brighter note

    We been back in the studio down the Bay over xmas to record to new tracks, 'The Birth' and 'The Death' we recorded them for our own good and just for fun, and you can check them out on our myspace. Hopefulllllly will get a gig soon sometime somewhere

    on the other note, Wales for the grandslam??? ohh cummmmmon boys!



    Protest The Hero - Fortress
    Thrice - Alchemy Index I and II
    Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold
    As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us

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