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Thread: LMT Ramblings

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    i was wrong, 3 songs it is, and our site is up

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    hey all!

    we got through the first heat of BOTB along with AI, which was very unexpected for both of us, well done to all other bands u were brilliant!!!

    other than that echoes of grace is basically done, falling in slow motion is also coming along quickly, and we have another song in the early stages called romance dies first or as the walls collapse, (the other version of as the walls collapse we are jus taking bits out of it into a new song),

    our next gig is on sunday 1st may in the express merthyr w/decedant smile, they drew first blood, cornerstone


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    aint been on here for a while,

    me and matt made up another song saturday, we are calling it "as the walls collapse" we used bits from the old version and new material has been added,

    inhouse-studio recording doesnt look positive so we prob will have to go with FOAD,

    --Gav x

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    i updated the site a bit

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    hey! on saturday, we might be thinking of making our newer material have a heavier approach to them, still with a melodic overtone and singing to them, but just a bit more heavier breakdowns, if that makes any sense! lol

    -Gav x

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    iv contacted, rhys from FOAD, and i goave hima few dates the end of june start of july, and he's sorting us out with some dates for recording!

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    recording is on 25th June and mixing on 26th.

    we are in the process of making another song up its untitled and the moment but its pretty cool so far, we aint really had a load of time on our hands recently cause the guys got their gay AS levels, but after they are over, we'l be gigging loads and making more material up for the summer

    as the walls collapse is basically done BTW

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    1 down 2 to go
    (jenks has finished his exams, which he probably failed all of them, cause he dont revise haha)

    we have a few more songs in the making, one called tomorrow dies today which is coming on pretty cool at the moment, and another to also in the early stages.
    cant wait for recording gonna be awesome, tracks will be up on myspace and purevolume when its done, so we'l give ya a shout if your intrested.

    also we have a gig with the almighty HONDO MACLEAN in august fucking sweet hey?

    -Gav xxx

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    just 1 more day to go now, we've just been practicing or recording the last few days, since the guys finished thier exams, but tomorrow dies today is almost done guitar and singing, just needs drums to it. and then bobs your uncle.

    see ya tonight.

    -Gav x

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    yo yo

    Its Done!!!

    we finished our first 4 track demo, and we are going down to finish off the mixing tonight, then we'l start selling and putting tracks up on the internet.

    So far we are very happy with the outcome of the quality, and u people can judge for yourselves when you hear it .

    It took 1 whole day to track down the vocals, and iv done different harmony parts which sound preety different like lol. fucking hard work going high let me tell ya haha.

    the demo is 2 for 4 tracks

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    somewhere in between is up on myspace, but it cuts out early for some reason?

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    we aint gonna book any more gigs now me thinks, cause we gonna focus on new material for a while

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    hey all!! we have finally finished as the walls collapse, just needs loads of practice. we played it in kings head and the arena.

    we also have 4 other songs in the making:

    tomorrow dies today - nearly finished the song instrumently, and need to put lyrics to it

    Post tragic - halfway done on guitars and bass, this is gonna be a weird but hopefully good song.

    A Night Wrapped In Silence - this is our second attempt at a song with piano in. its mostly gonna be with piano within the song, but also with guitar drums and bass.

    And we became silhouette's - This is a song rob (the drummer) has been workin on guitar in his own spare time. we are gonna re-arrange this song and put different parts into it etc...

    hopefully the above 4 will turn out well, and we are gonna work on material through the holidays.

    see ya soon


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    the past 2 months has been one bumpy fuckin ride!

    cause the guys have had their exams, which held band back quite a lot, cause we didnt have much practice. and then recording came up so we had to practice loads for that cause we were rusty. now we are geting back on track, cause gay school is finishing and the summer is approaching, so we will have plenty of time on our hands to get the songs done.

    just a quick note.

    Gav x

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    this is just an idea matt and I were talking about. We thought it might be cool to record another demo about november/december time, with the tracks that didnt go on the demo we just realised because hopefully they wont be good enough to go on the EP next year sometime.

    they will probably be

    echoes of grace
    as the walls collapse
    falling in slow motion (or maybe another one)

    Also, tomorrow dies today is basically done, and we think its turned out really well, just need to think of a chorus singing which is preety hard.
    Post tragic is also finished on bass/guitars and that turned out awesome so far, its fuckin weird though haha.

    catch ya soon


    -Gav x

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    post tragic and tomorrw dies today are done, i love post tragic. We played them in kings and cwmaman, and they went down preety well i suppose.

    we are now concentrating on our latest song "and we became silhouette's" which is almost done.

    We also have new photos up on myspace if u wanna check out our sexy asses...j/k.


    Gav x

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    we hava another song which i wrote, called "bleeding colors" its mostly done, just needs bits finalised.

    see ya x

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    hey, We've been out for a while cause rob has got glandula fever, so we aint been able to practice cause of tha and other reasons.

    But we have another song basically done with the working title of "distance" its defiantly our most aggressive and heaviest song, so our plan is to finish - distance, bleeding colors and as we became silhouettes before our next gig.


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    haha hey.

    dont come on here much anymore.

    Well yea, since september, we have re-vamped awbs, sounds better now, ditched bleeding colors, and finally the best version of a night wrapped in silence is nearlyy done, its sounding preety damn good, nice piano verse aswel , yea and we have like a few other songs on the go aswel.

    We are recording a 5 track demo on feb 19th for a week with stix, should be good laugh!

    just check myspace if u wanna know gigs and tha lol.

    in a bit xxx

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    since then, we have finished a night wrapped in silence completly, sounds cooool. And we have a song called 'poison the virtue' basically finished, and another song 'through closed eyes' in the working, and its heavy for us, heavier than distance, kinda influenced by as i lay dying, sikth, between the buried and me, bleeding through for that song! gonna b cool, and oh yea, we have another song, basically done on the side, called 'the domino affect' and i dun know what happening with that atm lol

    we have new art work done, some of it is up on myspace, so go check.

    recording soon....woop, cant wait

    later x

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