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Thread: LMT Ramblings

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    hello peeps,

    aint been on here for a while i know just been sorting things out within the band etc..(and busy with college work for once).

    so yea, we have basically finished C&D (capsized and drowning) just trying to put some sort of outro to it and the drums then completion.

    gav x
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    BTW our up and coming gigs are mount plez 25th of this month and 24th june (i think) in kings head

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    and we are entering BOTB battle royale

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    hey. we finished C&D on geets now. rob has the track and is making up drums. if all goes well we should be playing it in the mount plez.

    o yeah guys check out this awesome vid at

    and look at studio vid 2


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    for a cover to practice on in band sessions we are learning "THE AFTER DINNER PAYBACK" by FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES

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    tommorow that is

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    hello again!

    in band today we played the after dinner payback, it was orite nothing special like,
    and we also have fully completed capsized and drowning (and i dunno how to say this and hope it dun come out wrong) but we think it sounds preety cool, prob one of the best of our songs.

    but other than band iv just been bored today like usuall just came home from band went out on my bike for a bit with lil mikey now im talking on here, so im gonna go now

    cya all,


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    these are our fully completed songs:


    songs in the working:

    AS THE WALLS COLLAPSE (85% complete)
    ECHOES OF GRACE (early stages, just ideas and shit)

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    More news,

    We have to hold recording back till June 18th instead of may 1st, because the studio has to be moved to a different location and all new equipment has to be bought for their personal reasons,

    suppose this could be a good thing cause by then we could save more money up and get more practice in.

    sorry again,


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    right im getting a bit confused from our gigs so il put them up on here

    25 march@mount plez w/PowerWordKill, Decedant Smile, Convict

    April/May BOTB Battle Royale w/ all other contesting bands

    May 13@KingsHead w/Souldriver (tbc), S.K.W.A.D

    June 24@KingsHead w/Panel, The Threat

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    done new logo 2day changd th colours and shit, you shouls see it in one of my sigs or on the new logo thread,


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    lately we have just been working on "as the walls collapse" trying to get that done, its nearly done now just need to tighten it up a little and sort out the chorus etc...

    also we have a bag load of ideas for new material, SO LOOK OUT!!!, lol nah just kidding, so in the near future we should be having another song on the way

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    hey homies me and gav been working on new song tonight with the working title of "echoes of grace"
    at the moment it is going fine.

    we'll keep you posted

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    hello everyone.

    We decided in band today that we are going to play capsized and drowning in the plez later and see how it goes

    gonna be a wicked night and i hope to see a lot of peeps there,

    see some of ya later,


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    set list (not in any order)

    C + D
    somewhere in between
    D + A
    the re run

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    gig went preety cool, dun think we screwed up tha much lol.
    anyways finally our website is actually in the making for real, chris (flailing wail) is kindly doing our website in the next couple of days our domain name is gonna be >>>
    its obviously not up and running yet but should be in the next week or so.
    Welly from powerwordkill was our first choice to do the website but the poor bugger has already got a lot on his hands.

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    our next to songs:

    As The Walls Collapse
    Echoes Of Grace

    are coming along swiftly, we just need to add drums to as the walls collapse and then its basically done it will just need loads of practice.

    And Echoes of Grace we've got nearlly all of the lead guitar and bass for the song, and most of the screaming for it (its gonna be more of a screaming song rather than singing).

    See Ya soon doooods!!


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    me and matt nearlly made up another songs last night called "falling in slow motion" so far its going well we trying to make it more of a singing song like, but to make up a really catchy tune is bloddy hard lol. but we are trying our best like.

    see you soon!


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    for BOTB these are the songs we are looking to play:

    somewhere in between
    capsized and drowning
    echoes of grace (if we finish that by then, which i imagine we would)

    This is gonna be an awesome few months for battle royale,


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    i think there is 4 songs needed to be played in BOTBs now so we'l add the re-run to it.

    and we've been working really hard on echoes of grace and its coming on preety well guys

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