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Thread: LMT Ramblings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gav LMT vocals
    on Saturday we hope to record our live songs and if good enough to put up on myspace and purevloume, but all depending on how the quality is and if we dont make any mistakes which we hopefully wont
    Well we recorded the sound and the video footage...just av 2 wait until 2mrw to se what it turns out to sound like, our only major problem is when dai fucked up by his lead coming out of his effects pedal.

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    my rents are goin away next weekend to ireland waahoo, (no this doesnt mean "lets throw a house party") just to say we are gonna pile ourselves with guitar band and get our songs sorted for kings head and try and up our performance. And hopefully have 6 of our own songs to play which if we try hard is probable

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    yesterday in guit band me,jenks, nd robby got like the outline of the chorus with the singing/lyrics completed for the re-run (got like screaming with harmony singing over it).

    so far we are trying to make tyhs songs sound like hopesfall/FATA

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    got guitar band again 2day, on sat night me nd jenks were working on a songs which i made up on bass and singing called AS THE WALLS COLLAPSE, so far we av most of the song done without any linking parts, so should be complete in the near future

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    also by kings head and RMs we are gonna try and get "THE RE-RUN" complete. It is like basically done, just need to have band in the week with all members of band attending

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    in guitar band right now and we arer workin on own material, james is playing the guitar for the songs cause our "guitarist" called dai thought it was more benificial going to the plez to play pool and av a pint or three, instead of coming to guitar band , so wel keep u posted on what happenes next.

    so to dai

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    so u might of gathered by the other thread yea dai is no longer in lmt.

    so we kindaheld back a bit now until we get back on track with james picking up guitar and me and bass etc...

    And dai if u read this good luck in the future if u start another band or waever ans thanx for takin like an adult and understanding the reasons

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    anyways, we had the first proper band session with the new LMT 2day and all went ok we kinda got the re-run complete now just need diff lyrics for socond verse and timing etc... so yea it wil be ready for the kings head and rms, just need to work hard thur and fri in band.

    We aer really lookin forward to the gigs this weekend and it will be good experiance for us we wil try our best but expect not to be perfect.

    thanx gav

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    had band again 2day and things are starting to climb their way back to normality again which is a good thing, we just worked on our own material and preparing for the gigs on weekend. looking forward to them their gonna be hard with the new line up and all but we'll try our best

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    oh yea BTW jenks came up with the outline for another new song which we think sounds realy professional, and me and him were working o it up his yesterday, and we kinda got all of the song complete on guitar bass and singing, and we decided to name it "CAPSIZED AND DROWNING".

    and it should be done preety soon .

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    set list for kings head (all of our own songs):

    Dreams and Awakening
    A Night Wrapped In Silence
    The Re-Run
    SomeWhere In Between

    we only playing five 2moz due to changes within the band etc...

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    hey guys. gavs covered everything. things are going quite well with the new line up. it is a step back but we should catch up again. things aren't to bad we basically improvised an entire song today. but still the first few gigs are prob gonna b a bit shaky. we gotta get used to it again.

    love matt

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    we discussed in band 2day that the pop fatory is prob gonna be our last gig til afta recording to sort thing out and get thing get back o ntrack etc... however we stil might av a few if we change our mind or we need one like,

    see some of u later or 2mrw,

    Gav xxxx

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    wel last nite went ooook i suppose considering it was our first gig like that , but the fukin mic stand kept spining around we fooked up once or twice but that couldnt be helped dudes, we hope to improve our performance 2nite, which we hopefully will,


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    i think we played much better in rms than we did in kings head, the sound was preety cool there aswel like, we just got the pop factory to look forward to now next saturday, hopefully we can learn 1 or 2 covers by then aswel.

    love gav

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    im bored so im just gonna clarify things.

    we have two more songs on the way - capsized and drowning (which is almost complete just need to add drums and rythym to it) and as the wallsa collapse is another songs which is nearlly done (this is probably the lightest of our songs but it sounds preety cool like,

    so yea things are all starting to come together now.

    love xgavx

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    Just to let u dudes know matt has made up rythym for "as the walls collapse"...wel done matty, so if we have guitar band 2mrw we'l work on that and try nd complete it asap,

    at the mo we are in the good books for material, ideas just keep flying in which is a major plus point for us and for most bands really,

    so lets wait and see what a new day will bring???

    later dudes. Gav x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gav LMT vocals
    after this gig now we ar gonna work really hard on a nght wrapped in silence and try and get it done soon and by easter we ar gonna aim for six of our own songs
    wow, i think we r gonna pass that target cause we have 5 f our own songs now and 2 others like nearlly complete just need drums, and its only the end of february like,

    so lets up the target to 7 songs by easter, if we try hard we'l do it i rekon,

    oh yea BTW we ditched a failing autumn we are just keeping tbits of the song for other songs like

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    if any of u guys wana know the quality of the music produced over at in-housestudios in rhondda (where we are recording) check out
    or are a band who recorded with them, the quality id really good like. xxgav

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    right, thats us done for gigging for a bit weve really enjoyed our last few gigs as the new LMT they went down preety well like.

    from now to about may we need to be concentrating on perfecting our songs for recording and just basically working on our own material, (plus till one of us can drive, which shouldnt be tha far away).

    So when the whole demo thing is over with we are just gonna gig gig and gig hopefully in places in cardiff, newport etc... and if things are going well we plan to enter BOTB the end of this year. and obviously we will nah just kidding we'l just do our best like.

    thanx for checking in.

    love Gav xxx

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