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Thread: LMT Ramblings

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    Is death the begining or the end?
    TeeN PaiN uNLeaSHeD!

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    today in guitar band we have done the lyrics and the tune for the ANWIS chorus and its preety catchy we think, hope al u guys lik it,
    we try to make our songs memorable so ppl can remember them.


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    in the black gig our lecturer in college is bringing a laptop and linking it to the mixer and recording our set, and also bringing more than one camra to record a video

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    ANWIS is more or less fully complete now along with ELEGY, just need to play it a few times in band to practice it, the outro is preety cool with this melody guitar thing a bit like alexisonfire - 44 ................letter

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    look this is a messege for EVERYONE other than teenpain and LMT and sammi.

    i never though i would be saying this but "im sorry" for what iv done that might of offended ppl on this forum, but it is quite hard to moderate the whole forum by myself wen there is non stop arguments on here and trying to keep everyone happy, if jenks actualy be arsed to go on here things would be a hel of a lot easier. just cause im the moderater stop takin everythin out on me. there i said it im sorry.

    no more arguments from here on k.


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    cant fukin wait til band on sat, iv suffered 3 weeks without it

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    We just had band 2day (absolute freezin in garage) and we worked on ANWIS and its complete now. just needs more touch ups and needs to be played loads more to get it perfect, the outro of the song works really well timing just needs improving. and afta all that we just need to see wat u guys think of it.

    We also have other ideas flying in for another song which is gona be called the re-run, hopefully gona be a heavyISH song with a happy melodic over tone to it with catchy lead lines.

    c some of u guys soon.

    LMT xx

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    Yesterday lunch time jenks and rob worked on the re-run and about the first half of the song is complete, the next part of the song we need to work on now is a instrumental interlude, then we'l see what happenes from there

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    Sometime in May this year we are planning to record our first demo with four of our tracks on there, we shall keep u guys up 2 date to let u know wats happening wih our songs etc...
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    oh yea forgot 2 tel ya, we have a gig booked in the pop factory for Feb 26th i think, i'l post a new thread wen its finalised and i know whos playing for defo

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    hey iv set up an email account for the band so feel free to email us anytime

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    oh yea, nd iv set up an account for us on purevolume so we have a profile nd pics etc... its gona be activited in about 72 hours, wen we make our demo we wil put a few mp3 tracks on there

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    guys check out, and add ur self as a friend if ya want

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    ANWIS is coming along preety well now ppl just need to get the timing perfect for the gig in the black, we have changed a failing autumn again so we r not sure if we r gona play that yet cause we dun fuly knw it but we'l try our best

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    hope all of u guys r lookin gofrward to sat gona be awesome

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    dai as nearly complete the site now just needs rob's profile and some decent fotos (gona take some on sat) and we also need some band fotos wen we ar not playin lik - by the library, aberdare/country park etc...

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    if any of u guys av any suggestions of where to take some decent band fotos,
    pleez could u create a new thread or watever and feel free to type away

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    on Saturday we hope to record our live songs and if good enough to put up on myspace and purevloume, but all depending on how the quality is and if we dont make any mistakes which we hopefully wont

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    our account is up on purevolume now so feel free to av a look.

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    just incase if some of ya dun know, we r on at 8.30 instead on 7.30 2mrw now cause 2 bands av dropped out (ETO festerin nun), hope thats not a problem.

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