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Thread: The Reputation thread!

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    there you go ben g mate bad bad bad rep
    *Ahhh, Get Fucked Cunt*

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    I want gd rep

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    rep'd loads then

    hehe rep rep

    i have given too much rep in the last 24 hrs haha... legend

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    p.s look i have two dots!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeyyy

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    ok start repping me please i will be nice i promise

    “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you"

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    Sound Engineer and Cunt jonrenie's Avatar
    Apr 2003
    Porth - Rhondda
    errrr... this totally removes any need, point and/or validity for a reputation system ?

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    rep me. bored as fuck like

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonrenie
    errrr... this totally removes any need, point and/or validity for a reputation system ?
    It's ok.// It wont be the end of the world...

    i cant rep til 2moro

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    ok ive rep'd every 1 i possibly could on this thread so now you can all return the favor

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    doesn't this thread sort of defeat the object of gaining reputation points though?

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    no not at all/// means we can all share the love


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    lol rep me, rep me! hahaha

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    'You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later.'
    il rep you after...

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    I think you rep'd me once anyway...think you ave to rep like 20 people before you can rep the same person lol.

    Have I rep'd you yet?

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    rep rep rep.....cracking

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    btw 2 green dots......dun get better than that

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    lol. Thanks for the rep Steve

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    no probs......
    by the way, how can you tell who repped u?

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    John Peel 1939-2004

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